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Bluefield Ranch Mitigation Bank (BRMB) is pleased to announce that the State credit multiple of 1.5x has been eliminated! All State (and Federal) wetland mitigation requirements are now 1:1

Development projects needing wetland mitigation in a 1,100 square mile area including portions of St. Lucie, Martin, Okeechobee and Indian River Counties can purchase Bluefield Ranch Mitigation Bank credits at the GUARANTEED LOWEST COST and with NO MULTIPLE assessed. Due to BRMB's exemplary, completed and demonstrable restoration, the SFWMD has determined that there is no time lag or risk associated with BRMB's mitigation. If you need mitigation credits, you will not find a lower cost or ecologically equivalent mitigation anywhere. Forested and herbaceous wetland credits, for federal and state permits are AVAILABLE TODAY from BRMB at a 1:1 ratio.

Tired of your onsite mitigation failing year after year - costing you tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and repeated restoration and maintenance? Want to take that failed mitigation acreage and create greater value by converting it to income or amenity enhancement? Mitigation from BRMB is the perfect solution!

State and Federal agencies have and will accept BRMB mitigation as a permanent solution for your non-compliance problems. In one simple transaction you can absolve yourself of all future obligations and risk for onsite mitigation - and given BRMB's new 1:1 multiple and our lowest price guarantee, you will save significant money in the process.

Does your project include impacts to habitat for listed species such as Wood Stork or Caracara? Want to avoid the "challenges" of operating in perpetuity under the Endangered Species Act? Then transfer your mitigation requirement to BRMB!

BRMB has undertaken comprehensive habitat restoration and management work in order to provide measurable, risk-free mitigation for several State and Federally-listed species. As each case is unique, contact us to design a mitigation proposal specifically tailored for your project; we'll work with each of the agencies on your behalf - free of charge - to gain an expedited final approval, saving you even more dollars.

Providing State and Federal Wetland Mitigation Credits and Related Environmental Mitigation for Development Impacts
in St. Lucie, Martin, Okeechobee and Indian River Counties.

Bluefield Ranch Mitigation Bank (BRMB) is proudly Florida-owned and operated with full time staff onsite year round.